If the shoe fits

For my training for the Portland Marathon this year, I decided to give the most recent edition of Asics Gel Kayano shoes. They were my trusty companions through over 200 miles of training. 

I’ve been noticing during my last few post-marathon runs that my feet and ankles feel more tired than normal. Add that to even tighter than normal calfs, it seems as though it’s time for me to get new shoes.

Although I liked my Asics – they cradled my long, narrow feet, providing just the right amount of support – by the end of my long runs, my feet felt like bricks since they are pretty heavy.

For my speedwork last night, I opted to use the Saucony Guide 9s that I have hanging out in my closet. 

The thing I really, really like about these shoes is that they are really light, but supportive. They also make me feel like I’m running on marshmallows, which is a major plus.

This sounds great right? 

In theory, it is. However, my issue with these shoes is that, because I have super narrow feet (AA coming at you), the ball of my foot and my toes move back and forth within the toe box. 

These shoes have been sitting in my closet for a while because of this, so I was interested to see if my opinion could change.

During my speedwork last night, I loved the fact that my feet felt springy and relaxed. It really made a difference in how fast I was able to run.  BUT I was having some trouble with the feeling that I was wearing clown shoes, since the toe box is so wide. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of my feet moving around in my shoes (hello, blisters!).

Sweaty selfie post-speed work

So, in summary, I like the way the Saucony shoes feel better than the Asics, but I really like that the Asics come in AA so my feet don’t flop around during my run. I’ll probably give the Sauconys another try, but I think it’s time to make my way to my local running store for some new shoes. 

What are your favorite running shoes?

5 thoughts on “If the shoe fits

  1. Yes for shoes! Side note – after my stress fracture I train in two pairs of shoes. One for workouts and one for recovery runs. I was told my a couple different docs that having even the slightest difference in shoe helps your body not be pounded on in the exact same places. Also these two websites were helpful to me for research before I went to a store: http://www.runnersworld.com/shoemine AND http://www.runnersworld.com/shoeadvisor. I can’t wait to hear what you get!


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