Back to it – slow and steady

After the Mondayest Tuesday that ever Tuesdayed (which included my tasty Run Fast, Eat Slow salad being kidnapped (lunchnapped?) from the break room fridge), a post work run was just what the doctor ordered.

Side note: making days of the week adjectives and verbs is a thing, right? If not, it totally is now.

I was really wishing I had been able get out for a run yesterday, but was still recovering from a yucky sickness, so I skipped it. I am so glad that I did.

For today’s run, I decided on an easy 3 miles to slowly make my way back into training for my next marathon. Not only did my body feel (almost) back to its old self, the soul-fueling feeling that I get from a good run did my mental health wonders after my crazy day.


I also was able to run up the GIGANTIC hill on the way back to my house (that I have been known to walk up after particularly hard runs), which was a major win. I know I might be alone in this, but I actually really enjoy running up hills. The feeling of accomplishment once I get to the top trumps any discomfort that I may have felt on the ascent.

Fortunately for me, I live in a neighborhood full of hills, so I never run out of new ones to climb (or at least haven’t yet). Because I like running up hills so much, I have learned to have a very close relationship with my foam roller, in order to work out all of the gunk that I feel like builds up in my muscles post hill run. The short term discomfort is totally worth the long term benefits of limiting my muscle soreness.


My post run dinner was the Gimme Veggies Fried Rice from, you guessed it, Run Fast, Eat Slow. I added some chopped up chicken for extra protein, and enjoyed every second of refueling my body with tasty fried rice goodness. I have enough left over for a couple days’ lunches, which I’m really looking forward to – if the food thief strikes again, I may just have to resort to mounting a go-pro to my lunch from now on (per my boyfriend’s suggestion).




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