Monday Musings

I’ve been spending the last few days not feeling well – I guess it was my time for some post-marathon sickness. In order to let my body heal, I’ve been taking it easy, trying to give myself time so I get better faster. For me, letting myself rest when I’m not feeling 100% is sometimes really challenging. I have so much I want to accomplish throughout the day that it’s hard for me to not be able to fit it all in. Since I pushed my body a little bit too hard early last week, I’ve spent the last few days recovering (mostly because my body didn’t give me another choice).

Sometimes success is fueling your body well, getting a great run in, and completing your day’s to do list with time to spare. Other times success is making it through a manic Monday, and having enough time at the end of the day to fix a meal of comfort food and still have time to go grocery shopping. Today was one of those days (evidenced by the gigantic bowl of spaghetti and meatballs I chowed down on when I got home).


Since I was sick all weekend, and didn’t really have the energy to prep my lunches for this week, my meal prep has gotten moved until tomorrow. Thank goodness for leftovers from last week and the weekend to help me get through today and tomorrow!

I know that I’m finally starting to feel better because I missed going running after work today, even though I was too tired and run down to make it happen this evening. Here’s hoping that tomorrow, with proper hydration and healthy fuel, I’ll be able to get back out there and back on my running schedule. The crazy beautiful fall colors that seem to have exploded in my neighborhood over the last week are calling my name.

Here’s to another crazy, jam-packed, beautiful week!

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