Sunday Meal Prep

Since I graduated from college, I’ve tried to make sure that I prep at least some of my lunches on Sunday night (mostly to avoid the added cost of buying my lunch during the week).

Colorful shredded carrots


I actually look forward to my meal preps on Sunday, and get pretty excited about the cool stuff I get to try from the grocery store. For example, this week, I noticed that Trader Joe’s (my favorite go-to grocery store) had these really awesome looking colorful carrots. Guess what I need for my lunches this week? Tasty, nutritious carrots.

This week, I decided to make a couple kale-based salads that I found in my new favorite cook book: Run Fast, Eat Slow. It contains recipes that emphasize eating whole foods, without skimping on flavor (and it even encourages cooking with butter – something that used to be a no-no for anyone looking to eat healthy). This week, I decided to make the Wild West Rice Salad (left) and the Recovery Quinoa Salad (right).

The thing I love about kale is that it holds up so well – even with dressing on it. It doesn’t get soggy as quickly as other greens, meaning that I can make batches of salads on Sundays, and they’re still edible by Friday. Add it to rice or quinoa, and it’ll keep me full all day.

I’m also really excited about the fact that I now have 7 (yes, 7) mason jars in my fridge of tasty deliciousness that I get to take with me for lunch this week (and probably have for dinner at least once). When things are crazy busy, it’s really nice to know that I’ve got healthy food options that will keep me going all week long.

Here’s to a busy, productive week!

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