The First

I mentioned in a my Becoming a Runner post (here) that one of the things that helped me the most when I first started running was training for the Sound to Narrows, so I could run it with my Dad. I remember growing up my Mom and Dad waking up early one weekend each June – crazy unpredictable Washington… Continue reading The First

Back to it – slow and steady

After the Mondayest Tuesday that ever Tuesdayed (which included my tasty Run Fast, Eat Slow salad being kidnapped (lunchnapped?) from the break room fridge), a post work run was just what the doctor ordered. Side note: making days of the week adjectives and verbs is a thing, right? If not, it totally is now. I was really wishing… Continue reading Back to it – slow and steady

Race Recap: Portland Marathon 2016 – 26.2 (plus a little extra)

Sometimes you hit the wall, sometimes the wall hits you first. When people find out I’ve just run a race, the first question that they ask me is “how did it go?” Followed with “did you beat your last time?” Sometimes, these questions are a little more difficult than others. The forecast all week said… Continue reading Race Recap: Portland Marathon 2016 – 26.2 (plus a little extra)